Welcome to my page!

I am a photographer/filmmaker/marketing specialist/graphic designer and web designer. You can use me to do almost any kind of visual work. Here you can find some info about me! Let’s connect!

My Content

I am always trying to push my creative process over the limits of what i can do. I never do anything without maximum effort. I also love doing cheaper work for clients who are cool to work with. 

I would say that my shooting style has changed ALOT in few years, but i am finally finding the style to stick to.  It’s great to see improvement in your content when you put it side to side with something created maybe 1-2 years back.

I would describe myself as Content Creator. I do a lot of visual work, for example cinematic video and marketing photos, but i also do web design and graphic design. I also have a large knowledge about modern day marketing techniques.

You can book me as a photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, web designer or i can come to your office to teach you how to grow your company on social media.

My story

My journey to being a creator began back in 2013, when i started making videos with a GoPro and started to edit my clips using Adobe After Effects.

The purchase that changed my life forever was my Canon EOS M in 2014. I saved money for a Mirrorless camera for some time and when i held it in my hands, i had found my calling. That is when i started doing photography. I was shooting every day and i was very exited about creating visual images for people to look at.

I started to spice up my photos with graphic design sometimes and my visual thinking improved, as i developed a skill to think outside the box. There are no limits in content creation and that is what i love about it the most. 

My skill for creating improved slowly and in 2018, i bought my first camera for high quality video production. That is when i started doing mostly cinematic video work and commercials.

That is my journey to a creator. The story does not include all of the hours, hard work, failures and frustration that comes with improving as a creator. It’s a matter of hard work, even though Creating Content is “not real work” for some people. 

Best regards, Moose

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